Management/Leadership Development Workshop

Day One:

  • The Visionary Leader
  • Introduction / Agenda
  • The Meaning of Leadership
  • Leading vs. Managing
  • Critical Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Styles
  • Self Assessments / Applications
  • Communication / Personality Styles: Introduction to MBTI
  • Vision, Mission, Values
  • Creating a Personal Mission Statement / Vision

Day Two:

  • Review and Preview
  • Understanding Conflict
  • Techniques for Conflict Resolution
  • Creative Collaboration Model
  • Successful Communication / Negotiation Strategies
  • Team Problem Solving Experience
  • Applications / Practice

Day Three:

  • Leading Through Change
  • Review / Preview
  • Introduction to Change Theories
  • Strategies for Transition Happenings
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Approaches to Decision Making
  • Building Consensus
  • Applications / Practice
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Political Acumen

Day Four:

  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Review / Preview
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Assessing Own Approach to Problem Solving
  • Myths, Mind Sets, and Blocks to New Thinking
  • Climates for Innovation
  • Overview of the Creative Problem Solving (cps) Process
  • Tools and Techniques for Innovative Thinking / Problem Solving
  • Applications / Practice
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"From the 360 evaluation and Myers Briggs assessment to taking those results and having Charlotte coach me in some areas for growth, the whole process was really helpful for me.  I think it made a real difference in my performance and in my confidence in working with my new direct reports, and others in the Organization.

It was interesting to see how my self-evaluation differed in some ways from how others perceived me, and how my strengths and challenges related to the Organization's priorities for its leaders.  Working with Charlotte, I developed an Individual Development Plan that included broad things like what I wanted my leadership presence to look like in my new role and with my new direct reports.  She also had me use a feedback template to gain confidence in providing regular feedback.  She  encouraged me to set up regular meeting for my direct reports, even when they are doing well, which has proven to be very successful.

She was extremely helpful in coaching me through designing a Leadership 3-day training session I was responsible for.  Using the Facilitation At a Glance book, with her advice,  have proven very useful for designing and facilitating other meetings since.

I think working with Charlotte is just terrific for somebody who is very motivated to do the work and needs someone to help guide and coach them.  She provides the accountability to make changes.  She didn't do the work for me, but I don't think I could have done it all alone."

Director at an International Non-profit