Conflict Resolution / Negotiation Skills

  • Conflict Management Self Assessment
  • Personal Reactions to Conflict
  • Preparing to Negotiate
  • Facilitating Conflict Mapping Technique
  • Recognizing Issues / Identifying Options
  • Communication / Influencing Strategies
  • Listening to Learn
  • Inquiry:  Questioning Techniques
  • Reframing to be Heard
  • Steps to Effective Negotiation
  • Applications: Applying Techniques to Real Life Cases
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I came across my 2009 Paper Room output recently; my notes and photos of flip chart pages.  Incredible material, prescient!  It is more than ironic that my happy and rewarding life today includes a huge amount of the activities and time allocation imagined in the PR exercises in 2009. Your facilitation, indeed, did identify what I wanted and needed for an aligned and satisfying professional and personal like. I never imagined that I could or would be able to deliver against these dreams. I was never aware of actually working on the goals, but it would appear that the work planted and invisible seeds.

I have the life to prove it. Bravo to you, and to me.

Executive Recruiter and Coach